Interview with the berserk warrior Tarn

Today we have the berserk warrior Tarn from Heroes Never Fade by Rick Haynes. So, Tarn, tell me, how old are you?

About thirty, but I feel older, as would you, if you had seen the carnage of war that I have. Tarn’s eyes cloud over.

Do you have any family?

Yes, my wife Tasmina and my beautiful daughter, Lori. My father is alive, but he isn’t around too often, unless there’s a battle to win and he gets paid to join in.

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Review of Undressed by Karina Kantas

Undressed by Karina Kantas is a collection of riveting short stories, flash fiction, haunting poems, and excerpts from intriguing stories. 

I’m giving Undressed four stars. While I loved the stories and will likely turn to this short work should I ever find myself with a bit of writer’s block, there were several typos. If it were only a handful of errors I wouldn’t think much of it as none of us are perfect, but this work collection of works could use a bit of love from an editor.

There was one story about half way through called Childhood Memories that stuck with me.

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A Laugh with Badger

badger-44204_640Today we have Badger here with us from I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse by C H Clepitt. I don’t often interview characters like Badger, but it’s always fun when I do! So, Badger, how old are you?

No idea! Badgers don’t celebrate birthdays.

Do you have any family? If so, what’s your family like? 

I am a spirit guide, so I guess my charge is my family.  If I’m honest she’s a bit of a challenge. Not very clever, deals with stress by kissing random people and drinking too much. I’ve got my work cut out.

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Update from Zora Marie

First off, I apologize for skipping some posts a couple of weeks ago, final portfolios and finals just happened to sneak up on me when I wasn’t looking. A lot has happened the last several months and I figure it is about time I give an update on all the happenings. You know, little things like what’s going on with my writing, why I haven’t published it yet, and what is running around in the realm of art.

After a really long semester and tough reminders of why I write, I’ve decided to do a few more passes of edits on my Zelia the Phoenix of Hope series. My lovely critique group has nudged me along and opened my eyes to several places I can improve the series as a whole, so that’ll be my big project for the summer when I’m not at work. If time allows I hope to go through the entire series before setting to work with an editor again that way we can poke holes in the overall work this time.

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Review of Publish Promote Repeat

Publish Promote Repeat: Preparing to Launch your Book Workbook by Lucinda Moebius is a useful read for the complete beginner. I’m give this self-help book 4 stars. I wish I could give it more, but it has some misinformation and points that are briefly mentioned but never returned to. Now don’t let that detract from this book as it is useful in many respects, but there are some fallacies in it.

It starts with some basic insight into writing and publishing as a whole and then continues on into the main point of the book. The usefulness of a quick pitch, or a hook for a reader, will be explained and then you will be given advice on how to create one of your own. This itself is invaluable as it leads into so many other facets of promotion.

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Author Lucinda Moebius and her New Book!

About the Author

Lucinda Moebius has been a writer since she was a child and was first published in 2010. Since then she has worked hard to create unique visions and stories. Her work includes novels in multiple genres including: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Children’s Books, Screenplays and Non-fiction. Lucinda has a Doctorate in Education and loves teaching, but her greatest desire is to help others understand how literature and writing can bring enlightenment and understanding to everyone. She offers book coaching and advice to everyone, whether they want it or not.

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Taking A Break

Hey, everyone. It’s the end of the semester here and I need to focus on my final projects and exams. I may be back in a couple of weeks or I might extend the break. There are other reasons for my hiatus, but I’m not going to get into that here.

Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you around at a later date!


Thank you,

Zora Marie

Susan Elliott author of The Collision of Fire and Ice

The author of The Collision of Fire and Ice , Susan Elliott, is here with us today. Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start writing.

I am a native Texan, finally living in my home state. I began writing at nine years old. My mom lit the fire inside me, and my husband encouraged it to grow. I love telling stories that I want to read, and creating characters that I love.

How did you go about getting published?

I am completely Indie published. I debated on going the traditional route, but so many of my author friends were leaving traditional publishers for Indie publishing. I felt like it was a better fit for me. I love it!

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Tomas Liedman author of Perilous Paths

The author of Perilous PathsTomas Liedman, is here with us today. Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start writing.

I have always enjoyed writing but it was not until my late teens that I started writing short stories for friends who eventually managed to persuade me to write a full novel.

I was inspired to this particular novel was inspired by a combination of three different factors. The first was a several years long discussion about the nature of evil and how it was normally petty, narrow-minded and in the long run always on the losing side. The second was a series of books regarding drow elves where i felt that the society did not make sense fully and a desire to try to explore a dark elven society in greater detail. The last factor was feedback from a publishing house that recommended my to write a shorter novel than the 160k one I had submitted to them.

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Wesley Britton author of The Beta-Earth Chronicles

The author of The Beta-Earth Chronicles, Wesley Britton, is here with us today. Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start writing.

I’ve been writing non-fiction, poetry, and sci fi for a very long time now–since 1983. A writer must write, and so I do. Fiction allows me to have free reign with my imagination, so that’s where I’m at now.

How did you go about getting published?

For non-fiction, I kept submitting to publishers who dealt with sort of thing. For fiction, I went to the publisher of my last non-fiction book who believed in me so we’re still together.

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