badger-44204_640Today we have Badger here with us from I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse by C H Clepitt. I don’t often interview characters like Badger, but it’s always fun when I do! So, Badger, how old are you?

No idea! Badgers don’t celebrate birthdays.

Do you have any family? If so, what’s your family like? 

I am a spirit guide, so I guess my charge is my family.  If I’m honest she’s a bit of a challenge. Not very clever, deals with stress by kissing random people and drinking too much. I’ve got my work cut out.

How’s your relationship with your parents? Do you love them? Hate them? How have they influenced you?

I’m a badger, so, we aren’t close…

What about your siblings? Do you get along? 

I’m starting to think that one of the people would have been better doing this interview. For one thing, their opposable thumbs would have made the typing easier.

Lol, fair enough, but you’re stuck with us now aren’t you? How would you describe your childhood?

Good god, woman, I’m a badger.  We followed the same path every night, and ate slugs. 

What’s your greatest fear? 

That my charge will get herself into some horrible trouble and I won’t be there to advise her.

What do you hate most about yourself?

I rather like myself. I mean, look at me, what’s not to like?

True, true, there is a lot to like. What is your greatest strength?

Digging. I am very good at digging holes at speed.

Do you have a weakness? 

My day vision isn’t that great.

Have you traveled? If so, what’s your favorite place? Can you describe it for us?

Since the world ended it’s been difficult to get out of the bubble. Also, badgers like routine, so we follow the same path every night.

Is there something from the past that haunts you, keeps you awake at night?

Badgers are nocturnal, we’re supposed to be awake at night.

What is your biggest secret?

If I told you that it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?

Well, you’re just no fun. So, what’s your favorite animal and why?

I like Kerry, I know she’s a bit pathetic, but she means well, and she saved my life with a big stick.

What advice would you give to others who want to become spirit guides?

Well, good question.  I think you have to bear in mind that humans are self involved and not that bright, so you have to be patient with them, and remember that they will make mistakes.  All you can do is be there for them to point it out and rub it in their face.