Hey, Steve Braker! What do you do?

I write action adventure books, and work for the oil and gas industry in East Africa.

Adventure books, elaborate, what are the titles of your works? Happen to have a blurb for one of them handy?

African Slaver , African Treasure. These are the first two books in the series, William Brody African Ocean Adventure.

Rest, relaxation, and cool beers on the horizon…

Former Special Forces Major William Brody is finally due for some R and R. Just trying to clear the brutal shadows of the past from his mind, Brody’s next mission is clear: Spearfishing and Scuba Diving in warm clear tropical waters, with some cold beers on the beach. Living the dream…

As Brody makes friends with the locals settling into the island retreat, his plans for peace and relaxation are suddenly shattered. After weeks of terrorizing the island paradise, a ruthless sea captain finally commits the unthinkable: he kidnaps a group of young girls from the village. Heartbroken and scared for the children, the people look to Brody for help. Time is running out…

When Brody rallies the villagers to form a rescue team, he realizes he is the only one with the skills for this kind of work. With nothing but basic weapons and a sailing boat, Brody feels the weight of the dire situation. The lives of the girls are on the line, with the slave markets of Somalia only days away, the clock is ticking.

Brody leads his ragtag crew across the rough and lawless ocean, knowing they are the only hope for the young girls. Once Special Forces, always Special Forces, he’s got this! With Brody at the helm, they’ll find the girls or die trying.

Thank you! That gives me a bit of an idea of your writing. Now, tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start writing. 

I live in East Africa on the Kenyan Coast, during the 17 years I have been living here I have sailed the coast line from Tanzania to Somalia in all types of sailing craft, then motor boats. I love to scuba dive, and fish along the coast. I have lived among the local Swahili people here and have had so many fun adventures and trips during my time in East Africa. This lead me to want to give people around the world some adventure stories about this coastline. I base the outline of my stories on real events that have taken place then I include all of my fictional ideas to make it, what I hope, is an enjoyable read. I currently have the two short stories above with a third more substantial work coming out before Christmas.

How did you go about getting published?

I am an Indie Publisher so lots and lots of time on YouTube.

Youtube, such a lovely place. What is your writing process? Do you have a time, day or place you like to write?

Luckily my work is contract based, when I have down time I can commit to working every morning until around 2pm. I have a home office overlooking my beloved Indian Ocean. This gives me more ideas to work with, but is distracting at times as I end up just wishing I was fishing.

I can relate to that, I think fishing might be a distraction for me too. So, what do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I sail boats, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, sitting in my local bar telling stories, snorkeling, going on safari.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly gelous… With all of that under your belt, I have to know, what’s your all time favorite animal? 


Hm, I see a theme with you and the ocean here and I bet the next question is going to continue with that theme. Do you have a favorite myth? If so, tell us about it! 

My favorite myth is the story of the Kraken, a mythical sea creature that comes up from the depths to destroy ships and take their crews back to the ocean. It originated off the coast of Norway. The story is supposed to be linked to giant squids that can grow up to fourty feet in length and can be very dangerous to seamen.

Funny you mention that one, I was just researching the origin of the Kraken and a few other sea monsters a few months go. But that’s enough about me, tell us about your next book project. 

My fourth book in the series will be set on an Island called Ziwayu off the coast of Kenya near the Tana River Delta. William Brody my lead character stop a Chinese Ivory Smuggling ring saving the elephants of Tsavo. Lots of diving, fishing, fighting and sailing.

Well, it’s about time I ran off to class, so do you have a sale or event coming up you?

On the 8th December my first book will be on KU five days free.

Cool! Here’s some like to track Steve Braker down at. Thanks for coming!