Are you thinking about going to a comicon or other events to sell your books? Then here’s some advice for you!

Don’t go into it thinking you’re going to make big bucks. Let’s face it; it’s more of an advertisement and way to build your credibility than a book sale. If you have several books for sale you might get lucky, but this would be the exception.
In order to make your money back from the expenses I would suggest having things other than your books to sell. For example, I hope to have a small stock of handmade wood burnings to sell along with some other pieces, this way I can afford to go.

Another thing, don’t be afraid to ask another author to go in with you on a booth. Make sure it’s okay with the event organizers. Most will be fine with it if you ask nicely.

Things you should have/do:

1. Books (the obvious, I know)

2. Banner, poster with your book cover, or other insignia to draw attention to your brand.
3. Bookmarks with your information, a business card will work but I think the bookmark with your information works better.

4. Something other than books to draw people’s attention. If you don’t have something else to sell then dress up, it will encourage people to stop by.

5. Don’t be afraid to talk to people! I know several of us don’t like to talk that much but you’ll do better if you do. I just keep reminding yourself that they’re just as nervous (if not more nervous) than we are about striking up a conversation. You may have to take the first step, if someone is lingering in front of your table, TALK TO THEM!

6. Have a way to collect e-mail address for your newsletter, and make sure they know they will be added to your newsletter list. Ideas to get e-mails:

  • A signup sheet
  • A giveaway basket where they give their e-mail address and name on a slip of paper as the ‘ticket’ to be drawn for a prize.
    • The prize could be a wide range of things, but make it interesting and appropriate for your audience. It doesn’t have to be expensive, cheap (but nice) things work just as well.

7. Advertise that you will be at the event, even if you only advertise on social media and your website, it will help. And send out a reminder a day or two before the event to increase the chances of people actually coming.

8. Go with a GOOD attitude! You’re there to have fun and connect with readers!

Have any other tips or advice? Please leave a comment! I would love to hear what you have to say!