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Interview with Ayn from The Shiva XIV Series

Usually, I wouldn’t stack two posts on the same day, but I figure it’s the holidays, so why not! So, we now have Ayn from The Shiva XIV Series, which you can find my review of the first book, uh, somewhere around here.

This is going to be a bit different than our usual interviews. You see, Zelia (one of my characters) has met Ayn and wants to learn more, so she’s going to take over this interview.

Before we get going, I would like to apologize for Loki’s behavior at your character crossover party a while back. It’s a good thing Felix knows better than to bet against a god and I don’t like fighting. I’m not thinking there would be much left of your palace if the two phoenix of the party would have ‘trained’ there. 

Oh, it’s no problem, Zelia. I admit, I was terribly worried at first that such an immense party would be the end of existence, let alone my palace. But it turned out really wonderful, and having a God like Loki there only made things more fun!

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Emach from the New Release – Reclamation

Today we have a special guest from Reclamation, which is set to release tomorrow. Welcome Emach, let’s start off with how old you are. 

Depends on which lifetime. I have three in the book. The first goes from infancy through my 30s, I think. Hard to say since I don’t know when I was born. The second is adulthood, maybe 20s. Again, I don’t know when I was born. The third would be my late 30s. I know when I was born, but am not telling.

Do you have any family? If so, what’s your family like?

Again depends on which lifetime. My first family, if you could call them that…. My adoptive “father” was abusive to both me and my adoptive mother. My second lifetime I didn’t acquire a family until I married. My third lifetime, I was born into a loving family who supported my ambitions to become a real estate developer.

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Kendro from The Secret King – Letháo

Today we have a character from The Secret King – Letháo, a book or audiobook, with us! I must admit, I’m ever so slightly excited to have such a loving King among us. Okay, enough gushing, how old are you Kendro?

In your human years around 45. You can see my pic here –

A very fine picture indeed, Kendro. So, tell us about your family. 

All my people are my family. They’re connected to me in every way, I hear them, and feel them. There are many good people, and some not so good. I try and encourage good from everyone.

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Character Interview with Kayla from Secrets of the Mind

Kayla is the main character from one of my favorite books, Secrets of the Mind, and as such I’m excited to have her here, even if she is being a bit on the quiet side for her. 

Mind sharing with everyone how old you are?

I am seventeen and will be eighteen in a few months time.

Would you mind sharing a bit about your family?

I lived with my foster parents since I was eight. I was found not far from a car wreak. My mom died in the crash and my foster parents were the ones who found me.

A few months ago my Grandmother came to claim me. I didn’t know I had any relatives has I have no memory of my past. My grandmother is a cold lady with a steel heart.

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Meet Character Gina Egivand!

Gina Egivand here is from Between Silence and Fire by Kristan Cannon. So, how old are you Gina Egivand?

I’ve lost track. Before, when it mattered, I was 38 years old. I think 3, maybe even 5, years have passed since civilization cracked like an egg and left us all holding the bag.

Do you have a family? What are they like?

If we’re talking about blood, I did. But they’re a whole world away right now. May as well be a whole other planet. I’m from Australia, and since there’s no way of getting back there from where I am now. My little corner of the world is what used to be Northern Ontario in Canada. I don’t know if they’re alive or dead – but given that they weren’t exactly city folk like the European descended white folk, I believe that they are. I think they even miss me as much as I miss them. I’m what you call Aboriginal, but I wanted to see the world… as in all of this globe and not just the little footprint I was born on. Some of my family thought I was crazy, but didn’t fight me about it too much. Funny that I’d find my way here… and no way to go home. But we’re all connected.

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Character Interview with Felix the Fox

Felix here is from Murder In Absentia and his interview makes me want to read his book faster. Yes, I said faster as I’ve only been allowed myself a few minutes of reading time while waiting for classes to start. Though I might have to dedicate a bit more time to this one so I can read more than a page at a time as this book deserves so much more.

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