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House of Horror Review

So, we all know the basic horror tropes, but this one’s not quite the same as most. While some tropes just can’t be avoided, this one took some turns I just couldn’t see coming. While characters seem to be flat and be nothing more than the generic pancake in this genre, this little read breaks that mold and runs out of the gate with backstories and lives that leave you questioning who you want to ‘win’ right up to the very end.

Go have fun with this short read, it’s free here for a limited time! If that’s not enough to convince you, here’s the blurb:


When Mathew Hansen first heard the disembodied voice of a woman through the wall of his new London flat, he thought he imagined it. Mind playing tricks, in a flat that settled and creaked like an old woman. Or maybe too much booze fuelling his nightmares.

The voice couldn’t be real; just the wind, moving around the old Victorian house.

Besides, his bangable neighbour Amanda couldn’t hear the strange chanting sounds. She was just messing with him when she said she did. A little payback for sleeping with her and never calling her back.

It must be his imagination.


And just for good measure, here’s the link to the free book again:

The Evolution of Pukah Works: From Blog to Website

Almost every author hears the phrase “you need to build your platform” from the time they first announce to the world that they are working on a book until the day they vanish from the common collective.  It is almost as common as telling someone who’s had the breath knocked out of them to “just breathe”, and about as irritating.

I heard the common wisdom, and after a little bit of research about what a “platform” was, along with where the effective places to build said platform were.  I’ll ignore the standard social media platforms for now – Facebook and Twitter – and focus on the biggie for me:  my blog.

When I started out, I had no idea what I was doing, but I had a ton of fun doing it.  As I grew into being a published author, I began to realize the flailing that I’d been doing hadn’t really been getting me anywhere, and so I started organizing things a bit.  Before long, the first set up I’d picked began to felt cramped.  This led to a change in theme, though I kept the same color scheme and idea.

A year later, I’d settled into harness and once more began to feel as if I just didn’t have enough flexibility for what I wanted to do.  By now, not only was I posting something every day, each day had developed its own content theme.  This led to the last upgrade, and the beginnings of how the eventual website would emerge.

With seven post series already on the schedule, I ran into issues when I wanted to add another one (or two) to the mix.  Unfortunately, there are only so many days in the week – and that number is seven.  Sure, I could have added more posts to each day, if I could have guaranteed my own ability to set up the schedules properly, I probably would have.  However, I’ve been known to foul the schedule.  I also had an unused web server that was hosting my email.  Why let that digital space go to waste?

And, thus the website finally was born.  Two-and-a-half years after I’d started working on setting up a digital footprint, I’d finally evolved from a hosted site on WordPress to a self-hosted site.

Everywhere I’d touched, from the first blog name, through all the social media sites, to my web address, I have maintained the same name:  Pukah Works.  Though I chose to use a different name for the heading on the site, I’m still working under the premise of Pukah Works – since Alterraden is the home world for my pukah and all the mischievous work they do to help everyone around them.

Check out K. Caffee’s latest set up here:
Blog (The Home Office) –
Website Blog (The Followers of Torments) –
Website Blog (Alterraden) –

K. Caffee has always been a storyteller. Now, she is sharing her words with the world, rather than a small group clustered around to hear what she has to say.

When she is not taking anyone on a ride through her wild imagination, she is thinking of something new to tell, trying to keep her cats from claiming the keyboard from her, or studying to pass her next class exam.

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