This interview for Earth 105 is a bit different and I hope enjoy it as much as I did! 


My name is Rex Wellington of Cetabri City Daily News. I am at the West Side Tavern and today I am interviewing three men who call themselves Immunes. Darek Kemp, Zander Chale and Jash Majeed. They allege they cannot die.  Good day gentlemen.

Darek: Dude, you know I’m going to erase your memories right?

Zander: Let him have his fun Darek.

Rex: Let’s jump right into it, you cannot die. How is that possible?

Zander: There are six Immunes from every Earth. We cannot die and we live on to the next Earth. We can be hurt or injured but we cannot die.

Rex: Live on to the next Earth. What?

Zander: This is Earth No. 105. You are a non-Immune so you will die on Earth No. 105 but we will live on to Earth No. 106.

(A long unsettling silence. I am not sure what to say or if I should continue. I knew this interview would be unreal but multiple Earths. I’m thrown off by that revelation.)

Darek: Screw this. I’m erasing him.

(I look to Jash who stares into his whiskey glass, shakes his head and smirks, amused. The guy is a mystery.)

Zander: Rex you all right?

Rex: Yes, sorry about that. Let’s take this down a notch. How about something simple like, family. Do you have families? Or maybe, can you have families?

(All three Immunes look to each other and silently concur that Jash will answer. They have a brotherly bond. Thick as thieves.)

Jash: Immunes have a singular genetic structure that prohibits the ability to procreate. Or so we thought until these two losers knocked up a couple of non-Immunes leaving that theory questionable at best. To answer the question, no we cannot reproduce yet we have.

Zander: I think what Doc is trying to say is that for 105 Earths, no Immune has ever had a baby but this Earth is different. It is like no other.

Darek: My beautiful blue-eyed angel, Luna.

Zander: My son’s name is Ryker. They are the only two that we know of.

Rex: What about you Jash? Do you have a significant other? Any family?

(Uncontrolled laughter from the three Immunes along with a shout to the bartender for another round of whiskey. These guys can drink. I’m still nursing my first.)

Darek: The Boss has a bit of trouble with the ladies.

Jash: It’s complicated.

Rex: Now I’m intrigued. Do tell.

Jash: It’s a long story so I’ll cut to the chase. My ex-girlfriend and I had a destructive relationship that lasted 10 Earths. She gave me gifts, when I behaved which wasn’t often. Anyway, she gave me a power called seductive magnetism. It complicates things.

Darek: Show the man!

Zander: Really guys?

Rex: Show me what? Oh my…

(Several beautiful women surround me. One kisses me. Aggressively. Before I can even acknowledge her, the next approaches gently brushing her finger along my jawbone and melting me with her big brown eyes. Somewhere in the distance, my distracted mind hears Zander discipline his friends.)

Zander: That’s quite enough Jash. Send them back.

(The girls walk away with no recollection of what just happened.)

Rex: What the heck was that? What else can you guys do?

Darek: I bunch of cool crap. I can fly, disintegrate stuff and erase memories like I’m going to do to you later. And I can surf. It’s not a superpower it’s a fact. I’m the best surfer on any Earth.

Zander: No ego on that one. (Zander smirks and gives a nod to Darek.) I can teleport, heal and clone to name a few and Jash, well it’s complicated.

(Zander looks to Jash as if to ask if he wants to elaborate further but Jash shakes his head. I sense Zander’s need to protect Jash but I’m not sure why.)

Rex: Fly, clone, teleport. Christ X-Men…at the West Side Tavern. Can you show me, something, anything!

(Without warning, Darek grabs Jash’s hand and disintegrates it to ash on the bar. I can’t believe what I am seeing. I am consumed by fear and have lost control of this interview.)

Jash: What the…! A warning would be nice.

(Jash winces in pain holding his wrist where the missing hand was. Zander holds his hand over it and his hand reappears. No one in the bar notices the guy with the disintegrated hand.)

Zander: All better.

Rex: Why I am I the only one seeing this?

Darek: (Tapping his finger to my forehead with a sly grin.) Memory erase. Remember? No one remembers the dismemberment. (Darek laughs. He cracks himself up).

Rex: I…I…right back to the interview. So I’m going to ask a few questions and you guys can just shout out the first thing that comes to mind.

(Another round of whiskey arrives, yet no one actually ordered them. The boys are getting a bit sloppy and are having fun with the interview. Fun with me.)

Rex: You are filing out a personal ad. Describe yourself. (All three bellow in laughter and clink their whiskey glasses.)

Darek: Athletic, strong surfer looking for hot Wahine for walks on the beach and romantic adventures. Brunettes only need apply.

Rex: Wahine?

Darek: A female surfer.

Zander: You have to forgive Darek’s language. Surfer slang can be hard to understand. Not to mention annoying. I’m all set with this question. It’s stupid and I already found my soul mate.

Darek: I’ll answer for the Barney. If you like the serious type, I’m the one for you. No thrills here just a green eyed stud who needs a shave and can heal your broken heart.

(Jash and Darek laugh at this description and even Zander smiles so there must be some truth to it. He runs a hand over his beard considering Darek’s assessment.)

Rex: Jash? (Jash holds his hands up and shakes his head. Not willing to comply but Darek likes this game.)

Darek: Complex, insanely smart, well hung male with perfect body, hair, teeth, etc. seeking a lovely lady that can handle what I have to offer without dying or making me internally combust. No Danna’s need apply.

(We all laugh at this. I feel a happiness envelop us at the bar. It’s a nice feeling. Zander places a hand on Jash’s shoulder and nods his approval. Jash smiles at him. The exchange has a history. Many Earths of history if I can wrap my head around that.)

Rex: Favorite food

Zander, Jash and Darek: (in unison as they down their drinks) Whiskey!

Rex: Where did you grow up?

Darek: Earth No. 1 – Zander too.

Jash: Jabpun – Earth No. 20.

Rex: Occupation

Darek: Immune King

Zander: Only because I let you.

Darek: Zander thinks he’s the leader of the Immunes but it’s really me. I am the King.

Zander: (rolling his eyes) I am a spy. I work for Danna undercover and report back her plans so the Immunes can always be one step ahead of her. It’s not working out so good this time around. So publically, Darek claims he is the leader of the Immunes but the truth is, without me they are all screwed. I am also The Hunter, assigned to capture Jash Majeed and return him to Danna’s custody.

Rex: Capture Jash? (I eye the man watching his ice orbit in his glass.)

Zander: Yeah every Earth I fail miserably at that assignment wouldn’t you say?

Rex: And you Jash. Your job?

Jash: I’m a doctor. Or I was a doctor on my first Earth. Since Earth 20, I’ve had many jobs. Right now I’m working for Alina Lon at the ATA, Aaricem Terrorist Agency.

Rex: If you knew today was the last day of your life how would you spend it?

Jash: Right here doing this. Drinking whiskey with these two boneheads and welcoming the end. It’s been way too long.

(The mood changes and I feel an unexplained overwhelming pain floating in the air.)

Zander: Jash, pull it in.

(Jash nods and the pain lifts. I have to ask.)

Rex: What was that all about?

Zander: Danna cursed Jash with the inability of releasing his emotions. That bubble of pain you just felt, well let’s just say you don’t want Jash to release it.

(Jeez. Note to self: don’t upset Jash.)

Rex: What about you two? Last day of your life, where would you be?

Darek: Surfing

Zander: Anywhere with Anwen and Ryker.

(Looking at my standard questions I realize this one doesn’t really apply to this interview but I ask it anyway.)

Rex: Superpower you wish you had.

Darek: The strength of this monster right here. (Darek playfully punches Jash in the arm) The strongest Immune in history.

Zander: Flying

Darek: Seriously dude? You hate flying.

Zander: I hate it because I can’t do it. Besides you haven’t exactly helped my fears any. Have you forgotten the time you dropped me from cloud to pavement?

Darek: Again with that crap. Drop it Chale. (Darek laughs and snorts the words again) Drop Chale! (Zander can’t help but chuckle along. Jash appears deep in thought.)

Jash: Any transport. I don’t care what kind. Relying on these two to get around sucks.

Rex: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Darek: Killing Danna with my bare hands.

Rex: I don’t think I can write that. Who is Danna?

Darek: The chick that destroys Earth and creates the new one. Oh, and Jash’s ex-girlfriend.

(Suddenly Jash stands and scans the room with wide worried eyes.)

Jash: Speak of the devil…time to go.

Rex: What is it?

(Darek takes me by the shoulders and looks me in the eyes.)

Darek: I like you Rex so here’s the deal. I’m erasing you but I’ll let you have this interview. You will call it Immune Interviews: A Sci-Fi Adventure and will be praised for your creativity. Congratulated for making up such crazy, interesting characters and pretending to interview them. You will have a great life Rex Wellington. We’ll be watching you.

(Sitting at a table alone in the West Side Tavern, I look at my notebook and read what I have written. What a cool concept. Immunes. Where do I come up with this stuff? I can’t wait to publish this.)


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