Today we have a special guest from Reclamation, which is set to release tomorrow. Welcome Emach, let’s start off with how old you are. 

Depends on which lifetime. I have three in the book. The first goes from infancy through my 30s, I think. Hard to say since I don’t know when I was born. The second is adulthood, maybe 20s. Again, I don’t know when I was born. The third would be my late 30s. I know when I was born, but am not telling.

Do you have any family? If so, what’s your family like?

Again depends on which lifetime. My first family, if you could call them that…. My adoptive “father” was abusive to both me and my adoptive mother. My second lifetime I didn’t acquire a family until I married. My third lifetime, I was born into a loving family who supported my ambitions to become a real estate developer.

Multiple lifetimes make things interesting, so I have to ask, how was your relationship with your parents over the years? Do you love them? Hate them? How have they influenced you?

My first lifetime was a time of strife and abuse, both physical and emotional. I never knew love and had no idea what it was. Later, I thought I loved a woman but she betrayed me. As for hate…I moved beyond hate. They made me who I was. My second lifetime I was cared for by a wonderful family and knew love for the first time when I wed. The third lifetime my relationship with my family is very good and supportive.

I don’t see any mention of siblings, do/did you have any? Do/did you get along?

First lifetime – no siblings, thank the gods. I wouldn’t want anyone else to bear what I did. Second lifetime – again no siblings. Third lifetime – a brother and sister. Both are married with children. I love them all and we get along well…erm…most of the time.

How would you describe your childhood?

First lifetime – in a word…hell. Second lifetime – I’m not sure I had a childhood. I don’t remember. Third lifetime – I’d say a normal childhood.

Normal, such a curious concept. So, what’s your greatest fear?

First lifetime – the unknown. Second lifetime – the forest known as the Sheekahr Kahll. That and almost losing my husband when Haru stabbed him in the back. Third lifetime – not being able to complete a development project, although I have to admit that forest is damned unsettling.

Awe, I’m a forest lover myself, but I can understand how some can be haunting. What do you hate most about yourself?

First lifetime – that I was such a fool as to think my love was returned. Second lifetime – my fear. Third lifetime – I can be damned impatient.

Fear and impatient, I can relate to those! Now, what are your greatest strengths?

First lifetime – that I no longer have anything to lose. Second lifetime – an ability to heal. Third lifetime – I’m good at bargaining, making deals. It’s how I acquired the land for the super mall before the Cois.

Do you have a weakness?

First lifetime – absolutely not. Second lifetime – yes, my fear. I’m so often afraid of everything. Third lifetime – I’m not sure I want to say since it might jeopardize my next deal.

Good point, good point, we’ll let you keep that one to yourself. So, have you traveled? If so, what’s your favorite place? Can you describe it for us?

First lifetime – I’ve been all over the plains. The villages and farmsteads are ripe for plucking. Second lifetime – I’ve travelled over the plains with the Cois as they followed the horse herds. When we were close to the hills, Tyrr took me to a small pond with a waterfall. It was lovely and so romantic. Third lifetime – I’ve been all over the countryside with my development projects. Can’t say as I’ve ever had a favorite place though. It was all business. Maybe on the sofa in my living room with a good drink and watching TV.

Is there something from the past that haunts you, keeps you awake at night?

First lifetime – I refuse to let anything haunt me. What’s past is past and made me who I am. The only thing that’ll keep me up at night is listening for sounds of pursuit after raiding a village. But that’s why we stand guard, even though the Elite Guards don’t know the terrain as well as I do. Second lifetime – I had nightmares about a previous life. I often woke trembling in terror. Third lifetime – Not really. I might not be able to sleep because of the stress of a project, but nothing else.

What is your biggest secret?

First lifetime – That I’m not what I thought I was. Second lifetime – That I’m not who everyone thought I was. Third lifetime – My connection with the Cois and that forest.

Sounds like you’re a bit haunted by your past lives there. We’re about out of time so let’s wrap things up with a light-hearted question. What’s your favorite animal and why?

First lifetime – A good, strong horse, capable of carrying an armed warrior. Second lifetime – The only animals of which I come in contact are the horses of the Cois herds. Dakk gave Tyrr and I a matching pair for our wedding. Third lifetime – I had a large black dog when I was a boy. He’d be my favorite.

Well, that’s all we have time for, thanks for coming, Emach! If I ever dig myself out of his mound of to be read books I’ll have to come learn more about your past!