Today we have Emma from Lineage: A Beginning by C H Clepitt. Emma, how old are you?


Do you have any family? If so, what’s your family like?

I’ve recently discovered I do ‘ave a family. Only just met me nan, she’s a bit terrifying, actually. For years it was just me an’ Kev, so it’s taking some getting used to, as it goes.

How’s your relationship with your parents? Do you love them? Hate them? How have they influenced you?

Never knew me mum. Grew up in the system. S’where I met Kev. We got out of there soon as we could. Never really was one for routine.

What about your siblings? Do you get along?

Guess you might call Charlotte me sister, or maybe me aunt? Not really sure ‘ow it works to be honest. She’s nice enough. Bit posh, like, but reckon she means well.

How would you describe your childhood?

I wouldn’t. I don’t like to talk about that.

What’s your greatest fear?

Don’t reckon I’m afraid of nothin’ anymore. I already lost everything, so what’s there to be scared of?  I guess not being in control. I ‘ad a lot of that recently, an’ if it weren’t for me nan, well, I don’t really wanna think about that.

What do you hate most about yourself?

God, where do you even start? I hate that I lost control over everything, and ended up in this sorry bleedin’ state. I hate that when me nan came, she found such a pathetic mess. Woulda been nice if she’d found something to be proud of, you know?

What is your greatest strength? (can be intellectual)

I’m bullet proof! No, not really, but I’ve come through a lot, an’ I’m still breathing, that’s gotta be a strength, right?

You’re right, that does count for something. Do you have a weakness?

Are you a bleedin’ shrink, or what? I don’t do that shit, never have. That was Kev’s thing.

Have you traveled? If so, what’s your favorite place? Can you describe it for us?

Haha! ‘Ave I travelled? What? You think I’m the bleedin’ queen or something? Piss off!

Is there something from the past that haunts you, keeps you awake at night?

You ‘ave to stay up at night on the street, that’s when they come to get you.  I’m too busy worryin’ about where me next meal’s coming from to worry about the past though, that’s a privilege of the rich.

What is your biggest secret?

You’ll think I’m nuts… well, alright… vampires are real. See, told you, now you think I’m nuts.

What’s your favorite animal and why? (can be a mythical creature)

Jeesh, I dunno. See a lot of rats about the ware’ouse. Don’t like ’em much.

Do you have any plans for the future?

Not plans, as such, but I reckon me nan does, an’ I’m gunna go along with it, at least for a while. I got nothin’ better to do.

Seems like a good plan, well, thank you for your time Emma. Find out more about Emma’s author at