Today we have a character from The Secret King – Letháo, a book or audiobook, with us! I must admit, I’m ever so slightly excited to have such a loving King among us. Okay, enough gushing, how old are you Kendro?

In your human years around 45. You can see my pic here –

A very fine picture indeed, Kendro. So, tell us about your family. 

All my people are my family. They’re connected to me in every way, I hear them, and feel them. There are many good people, and some not so good. I try and encourage good from everyone.

How’s your relationship with your parents? Do you love them? Hate them? How have they influenced you?

Both my parents are dead, my mother a very long time ago, and my father in protecting all of us.

What about your siblings? Do you get along?

I have a half brother. Who I really did get along with, he sacrificed himself for our escape from Lethao.

For those of you who don’t know, Lethao was their world, though not their home world as they had been driven from it not all that long before having to evacuate Lethao.  So, Kendro, how would you describe your childhood?

I trained, I learned, and I trained more. I spent many nights with my closest friend Octav, where we’d put the world to rights. Not knowing or understanding what our future really did hold for us.

What’s your greatest fear?

Hurting those closest to me, and letting all of my people down.

I must say, your people couldn’t ask for a better King. What do you hate most about yourself?

My visions, they come when least wanted, and drive my nightmares.

What is your greatest strength?

Taliri, my son. I have every faith he will become the leader everyone will adore and follow.

Taliri is a very special little boy. Do you have a weakness?

I try to do everything, and sometimes accomplish nothing.

Have you traveled? What’s your favorite place? Can you describe it for us?

I have traveled across many stars, and seen many futures, but none were as beautiful as the planet Earth. Her green fields and blue seas took my breath away.

Is there something from the past that haunts you, keeps you awake at night?

No, but it does from my future, seeing the moment your wife dies is the hardest thing anyone can go through. I pray to Ari that I can keep it from happening, but if I change one detail alone, it does nothing to stop her death.

That is a heavy weight to carry. What is your biggest secret?

My son, Taliri, without keeping him a secret when we land on earth he would soon become a target for my enemies, and more, the Houses.

What’s your favorite animal and why?

I can’t help but love our Pushat. They’re such intelligent creatures even if they’re one of our more stable meats. I try and avoid them at the dinner table, and used to sneak outside and pet the ones in the stables when I was a youngster.

Well, it would seem that is all we have time for, anything else you would like to say befor eyou go?

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