Review of Audiobook Brie’s Results (The Secret King)

Yet another great audiobook, I actually finished it yesterday morning, but a looming art history exam kept me from being able to sit down at the computer and devote a few minutes to typing out my review. Either way, here it is.

This audiobook is actually intertwined with the last one I listened to, it shows the plight of this fascinating alien race that is introduced in the first one.

With this one, you’ll learn about this alien race and its plight primarily trough the eyes of a young doctor on her first assignment. It also pops into a few other points of view for a limited time to complete the picture of what happens. Overall, I must say well done! It kept my attention and I didn’t get lost while listening to it. Not only that, but I found it hard to put away.

So, check it out on Amazon!




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  1. Your cranium must be prticetong some very valuable brains.

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