The first short story in this collection by E.J Bennett, Mistletoe Confession, is a cozy little romance drowning in hidden feelings that stemmed from childhood and leaves your imagination to run wild. I must say, I believe E.J Bennett writes third person better than first person, which is what she uses in the next story and still pulls off quite well.

The Unexpected Guest another cute little romance, but this time with a snowstorm on the horizon and in first person. Sorry, I can’t say more as I don’t give spoilers. 🙂

The Perfect Gift, an unlikely turn of events leads to… nope not going to say. You’ll just have to read for yourself.

The Christmas Angel is my personal favorite. What more could someone ask for than a proper nanny, accusations, a sweet little girl, and cookies for the holidays? What’s that you say? Accusations? Yeah, I’ll just have to read and find out for yourself.

Christmas Camp a boy scout camping trip turned rescue from poison ivy pans out to be the camping trip of a lifetime for one scoutmaster. Yet another excellent short story.

I will say that some of the stories jump to their end and would lend themselves better to being a longer story, but they are still excellent short stories. There are also instances of swapping between present and past tense, but it’s not to the point of detracting from the story. Okay, my nitpicking is done.

Overall, this is a nice collection of short romance stories to put you in the holiday mood.