Publish Promote Repeat: Preparing to Launch your Book Workbook by Lucinda Moebius is a useful read for the complete beginner. I’m give this self-help book 4 stars. I wish I could give it more, but it has some misinformation and points that are briefly mentioned but never returned to. Now don’t let that detract from this book as it is useful in many respects, but there are some fallacies in it.

It starts with some basic insight into writing and publishing as a whole and then continues on into the main point of the book. The usefulness of a quick pitch, or a hook for a reader, will be explained and then you will be given advice on how to create one of your own. This itself is invaluable as it leads into so many other facets of promotion.

While the categories section is useful for a complete beginner, it lacks some vital information and tips. For example, it has no mention of how to request placement in additional categories. Though to make up for this, her suggestions on how to find key words is effective and she covers the use of keywords fairly thoroughly.

Then she touches on the use of social media. While most of her points about social media are solid, there is one major issue brought up by one of her statements. Her view on the privacy settings of social media, particularly Facebook, is skewed. While I agree that we need to be careful of what we post, misinformation should not be spread. It is true that just about anyone can see your information and posts with the help of some programs, but someone sharing your post does not suddenly change the privacy settings of a post. Let’s say you post a photo of you children with the settings on the post set on friends and family, the only way someone outside of that select group can view your post without one of those special programs I mentioned is if someone in your friends and family group saves your image and then creates a new post. Now if you post is set on public or set so friends of friends can see it, then yes, sharing the post would increase the span of who sees your post.

With that said, I do appreciate the fact that she took the time to include discussion on SEO as this is an important part of having a website. She doesn’t include everything because SEO is an extremely vast and ever changing subject, but her points on SEO are gold. Continuing with this, her pointers on what to have in an author website are pretty solid as well.

Overall, this is an excellent book for beginners that touches on several important points regarding publishing and promoting. I do wish she would have given more than a passing mention of paid advertising, particularly since her passing mention seemed to focus on paid Facebook ads; though I do appreciate that she does not try to give advice on things that she lacks experience with. Even without much mention of paid ads, this book is definitely something to be checked out if you are just starting or are looking for idea on how to grow your audience.