Undressed by Karina Kantas is a collection of riveting short stories, flash fiction, haunting poems, and excerpts from intriguing stories. 

I’m giving Undressed four stars. While I loved the stories and will likely turn to this short work should I ever find myself with a bit of writer’s block, there were several typos. If it were only a handful of errors I wouldn’t think much of it as none of us are perfect, but this work collection of works could use a bit of love from an editor.

There was one story about half way through called Childhood Memories that stuck with me. Karina Kantas reveals a piece of her past in this little short story and it reminds me a bit of my own as it would seem we’ve both have leather clad friends to thank.

As for the other stories, I have now added some more things on my to be read list thanks to some of the excerpts from published works and hope to find them just as entertaining as these little snippets.