The author of The Collision of Fire and Ice , Susan Elliott, is here with us today. Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start writing.

I am a native Texan, finally living in my home state. I began writing at nine years old. My mom lit the fire inside me, and my husband encouraged it to grow. I love telling stories that I want to read, and creating characters that I love.

How did you go about getting published?

I am completely Indie published. I debated on going the traditional route, but so many of my author friends were leaving traditional publishers for Indie publishing. I felt like it was a better fit for me. I love it!

The traditional route does seem to be turning into a thing of the past. What is your writing process? Do you have a time, day or place you like to write?

I usually write in my recliner in the living room amid all the hustle and bustle of everything. I often write with noise canceling headphones on. I tend to write whenever I get a chance.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing? Full-time job, pets, hobbies?

I am a painter. I paint with acrylics, but I love oils. I’m just not patient enough to create in oils. I also help other people succeed in their publishing pursuits.

Do you have a favorite myth? If so, tell us about it!

I love the story of St. George and the Dragon. In fact, when I taught art history to home school students, I ALWAYS used this story and artwork during the medieval lectures. It’s about a town who is terrorized by a dragon. The townspeople feed the dragon livestock to appease its appetite, but they soon run out of cattle. They then start feeding the dragon to their children — chosen by lottery. One day, the King’s daughter is chosen, and the king is devastated. He begs the townspeople to allow his daughter to live, but they refuse, and they offer her to the dragon. As chance would have it, St. George was riding by, and he rescued the princess from the dragon. There are several different versions of the myth.

That is an interesting myth, I quite like it. 🙂 Any marketing tips you’d like to share with other authors?

Amazon Giveaways! I have just discovered Amazon Giveaways. They are inexpensive and I recently started having entrants tweet the giveaway to enter. I have gotten hundreds of tweets about my book in the last few days. I am truly amazed. I’m not sure how it will affect my sales, but I think it’s going to be a big help.

I’d have to say it has been working as your ranking wasn’t half bad when I checked. Well, before you go, tell us about your next book project and toss us a link to your website!

I am currently working on The Militarian Job. It stars Gwyndalaria Casterliano, and Adrik from The Louvre Still Stands. It’s the story of their first job together and how they become partners in crime. It’s a prequel to The Louvre Still Stands, and it has been a lot of fun to write. I hope it will be out by mid-2017.