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Update from Zora Marie

First off, I apologize for skipping some posts a couple of weeks ago, final portfolios and finals just happened to sneak up on me when I wasn’t looking. A lot has happened the last several months and I figure it is about time I give an update on all the happenings. You know, little things like what’s going on with my writing, why I haven’t published it yet, and what is running around in the realm of art.

After a really long semester and tough reminders of why I write, I’ve decided to do a few more passes of edits on my Zelia the Phoenix of Hope series. My lovely critique group has nudged me along and opened my eyes to several places I can improve the series as a whole, so that’ll be my big project for the summer when I’m not at work. If time allows I hope to go through the entire series before setting to work with an editor again that way we can poke holes in the overall work this time.

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Fun Update!

It has been a while since I’ve given an update on my progress, so I thought I’d pop in. I’ve been very busy over this lovely December. I’ve taken finals, passed classes with flying colors, edited, written, sketched out ideas for some fun design projects, reconfigured the art and web design branches of my website, and lost my sanity. Oh, wait, I lost my sanity sometime last summer when me leprechaun up and took off with it. If you happen to see the little bugger, let me know as at least a bit of sanity back would be nice. 😉

So, you want to hear exactly what’s going on in the book department, do ya? Well, here it is:

  • It appears that Zelia the Phoenix of Hope: Free of Asenten (Book 1) will go off to its last round of beta readers mid-January.
  • Zelia the Phoenix of Hope: To and From Dragon Island (Book 2) is finally seeing the light of day and has been sent off for a second set of eyes with a lovely beta reader (I teased him that he’s my test dummy, even gave him a virtual helmet).
  • Then we have Book 3 of the series (final name is yet to come). Book 3 is in the stew pot getting cooked up a bit.
  • I also have another story that was supposed to be a short story, but it up and turned into the beginning of yet another magic series on me! Yeah, please refer back to me leprechaun…

Hm, that makes four books running around in various stages of development, some interviews to schedule for the blog, a bunch of design ideas patiently waiting for my next fall semester (or not so patiently as I keep coming up with more), and a whole semester of drawing, design, and 3D art classes on my plate! Oh yeah, and I have some random art pieces I made that I need to sell to make room for more. Guess I should get back to work!

Catch ya on the flip side, whatever realm that may be in.

The Map!


How was this map made you may wonder, well wonder no more! I made the map by starting with a rough sketch in pencil as I decided what I wanted it to look like. Then I drew it out a second time and went over it with pen after I made an outline box for that nice finished look. After that I looked back at my past calligraphy skills and pulled them out to play in teeny-tiny form as the entire map is on one sheet of sketch book paper. I practiced writing the words once then wrote it on the final map. A couple hours of work and I have a finished map!

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