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Kendro from The Secret King – Letháo

Today we have a character from The Secret King – Letháo, a book or audiobook, with us! I must admit, I’m ever so slightly excited to have such a loving King among us. Okay, enough gushing, how old are you Kendro?

In your human years around 45. You can see my pic here – http://bit.ly/2eQ3cKb

A very fine picture indeed, Kendro. So, tell us about your family. 

All my people are my family. They’re connected to me in every way, I hear them, and feel them. There are many good people, and some not so good. I try and encourage good from everyone.

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Review of The Secret King: Lethao

I’ll get to my review here in just a few, but there is something else I want to address first. I want to apologize for being off my game over the last week and missing some posts. To prevent this from happening in the future I am changing my posting schedule. Starting this week, Saturday shall be our regularly scheduled posting day, with special event day postings strung between when they come up.

Thank you for your understanding, now on to The Secret King: Lethao, by Dawn Chapman, narrated by Greg Tremblay. If you’ve been hanging around for a while you’ve probably seen my reviews of Dawn Chapman’s short audio books, well this is the full book and I must say that more hooked than ever! It got to the point that I was listening to the audio book instead of music while drawing for class.

The thing that sticks with me the most from this story is the love and compassion. If I had to choose a single scene, it would be those which revolve around the release of one life for another. Overall, I think Greg Tremblay played Kendro the best of all of the characters, though there was not one character that I he was not on point for.

Needless to say, I just might listen to this one again!

Review of Audiobook Brie’s Results (The Secret King)

Yet another great audiobook, I actually finished it yesterday morning, but a looming art history exam kept me from being able to sit down at the computer and devote a few minutes to typing out my review. Either way, here it is.

This audiobook is actually intertwined with the last one I listened to, it shows the plight of this fascinating alien race that is introduced in the first one.

With this one, you’ll learn about this alien race and its plight primarily trough the eyes of a young doctor on her first assignment. It also pops into a few other points of view for a limited time to complete the picture of what happens. Overall, I must say well done! It kept my attention and I didn’t get lost while listening to it. Not only that, but I found it hard to put away.

So, check it out on Amazon!



Review of The Secret King: Truth Hurts

This review is a bit different from my usual reviews as this particular book was an audiobook, my first audio book to be exact. I must say, this was an excellent audiobook to break the ice with!
It’s a short story that was the perfect length for today’s drive to the college and hike from the parking lot. It’s full of feeling, heart, and imagery the fills your imagination. The voice artist was superb with her unique voices for the various characters that truly made them come alive.
Now off to procure more of this author’s audiobooks to fill my drives with, and maybe work on editing my own book? Oh wait, I should probably write that paper for class first.

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