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Fun Update!

It has been a while since I’ve given an update on my progress, so I thought I’d pop in. I’ve been very busy over this lovely December. I’ve taken finals, passed classes with flying colors, edited, written, sketched out ideas for some fun design projects, reconfigured the art and web design branches of my website, and lost my sanity. Oh, wait, I lost my sanity sometime last summer when me leprechaun up and took off with it. If you happen to see the little bugger, let me know as at least a bit of sanity back would be nice. 😉

So, you want to hear exactly what’s going on in the book department, do ya? Well, here it is:

  • It appears that Zelia the Phoenix of Hope: Free of Asenten (Book 1) will go off to its last round of beta readers mid-January.
  • Zelia the Phoenix of Hope: To and From Dragon Island (Book 2) is finally seeing the light of day and has been sent off for a second set of eyes with a lovely beta reader (I teased him that he’s my test dummy, even gave him a virtual helmet).
  • Then we have Book 3 of the series (final name is yet to come). Book 3 is in the stew pot getting cooked up a bit.
  • I also have another story that was supposed to be a short story, but it up and turned into the beginning of yet another magic series on me! Yeah, please refer back to me leprechaun…

Hm, that makes four books running around in various stages of development, some interviews to schedule for the blog, a bunch of design ideas patiently waiting for my next fall semester (or not so patiently as I keep coming up with more), and a whole semester of drawing, design, and 3D art classes on my plate! Oh yeah, and I have some random art pieces I made that I need to sell to make room for more. Guess I should get back to work!

Catch ya on the flip side, whatever realm that may be in.

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Interview with Author Jeffrey G. Roberts

The author of The Healer and Cherries in Winter, Jeffrey G. Robers, is here with us today. Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start writing. 

I was born in New York City, and graduated with degrees in writing and history, from Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, AZ. I began writing because I wished to create worlds that did not yet exist – but might; characters that were not in existence – but could be; and wondrous situations that never happened – but someday could. A writer is like a god: creating, destroying, altering, then creating again. I’ve often wondered, in my overactive imagination, if, when I go to sleep at night, my characters would keep looking at their watches- frozen in time- waiting for the morning- when their creator could breathe life into them once again – to move, to love–to be!

That leaves the mind to wonder just how much life have we breathed into our characters. So, how did you go about getting published?

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Kendro from The Secret King – Letháo

Today we have a character from The Secret King – Letháo, a book or audiobook, with us! I must admit, I’m ever so slightly excited to have such a loving King among us. Okay, enough gushing, how old are you Kendro?

In your human years around 45. You can see my pic here – http://bit.ly/2eQ3cKb

A very fine picture indeed, Kendro. So, tell us about your family. 

All my people are my family. They’re connected to me in every way, I hear them, and feel them. There are many good people, and some not so good. I try and encourage good from everyone.

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Meet Character Gina Egivand!

Gina Egivand here is from Between Silence and Fire by Kristan Cannon. So, how old are you Gina Egivand?

I’ve lost track. Before, when it mattered, I was 38 years old. I think 3, maybe even 5, years have passed since civilization cracked like an egg and left us all holding the bag.

Do you have a family? What are they like?

If we’re talking about blood, I did. But they’re a whole world away right now. May as well be a whole other planet. I’m from Australia, and since there’s no way of getting back there from where I am now. My little corner of the world is what used to be Northern Ontario in Canada. I don’t know if they’re alive or dead – but given that they weren’t exactly city folk like the European descended white folk, I believe that they are. I think they even miss me as much as I miss them. I’m what you call Aboriginal, but I wanted to see the world… as in all of this globe and not just the little footprint I was born on. Some of my family thought I was crazy, but didn’t fight me about it too much. Funny that I’d find my way here… and no way to go home. But we’re all connected.

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Interview with Kristan Cannon

Today I have Kristan Cannon, author of Between Silence and Fire with us today! Tell me, what do you do?

A little bit of everything. I’m an artist and a writer, so I paint, sculpt, mix the two together, write and lots of other things.

 Tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start writing?

I’m from Northern Ontario – I say that because I never really settled. I was born in Kirkland Lake, then went to school in North Bay, as well as Toronto. I moved to Blind River and was there for a decade, then all over Sudbury before I moved to Toronto (living in Downsview and then Mimico for awhile), and then moved back to Sudbury again because most of my family currently lives there or very close to it.

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Interview with Author Shaun L. Griffiths

Hey, Shaun L. Griffiths.As of the writing of this post, I’m about to crack open some of your books so I’m super excited to have you here! Please, tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start writing. 

I toy’d with the idea of writing all my life. I always enjoyed it, writing long letters to Pen Pals, school essays. I spent a number of years traveling and would write reams of pages to anyone who showed an interest as to where I was in the world.

I didn’t think about actually writing a book until about 2 years ago and then, after all the uncertainties of whether I could finish one, I did write it surprising quickly. It probably took me 6 weeks for the first draft, and another about 6 weeks to edit it.

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Author Interview with Gary Ballard

We have self-published author of The Bridge Chronicles series & The Stepping Stone Cycle series, Gary Ballard, with us here today. Okay, so i want to hear a blurb from your book. 

Reclamation is the fifth novel in the cyberpunk series The Bridge Chronicles. The peace of the virtual world Bottle City is broken by an incursion, a cry for help from the mythical hacker enclave 4nasia. These hackers are legend, dating back to the first appearance of cybernetic implants on American covert operatives in the Venezuelan War of 2017. Now their cry for help reaches Artemis Bridge, the fixer who “knows a guy” in the gritty Gangland of 2030 Los Angeles.

Bridge has his own problems from Michael Freeman, the rogue hacker with a grudge , to the secret dealings of the wizards on the Technomancer’s Council of Five. Can Bridge pull off the high seas rescue of the 4nasia hackers while keeping the gangs of the Five Families from destroying their safe haven in the Gangland? Enlisting the aid of Triad gangster Fong, will Bridge be able to save the hackers and the Families before Freeman destroys it all?

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Felix’s Scribe Assaph Mehr

Author of Murder In Absentia, Assaph Mehr is Felix’s scribe. I’ve heard that Felix isn’t a very thankful customer on another blog (apparently Assaph hasn’t paid Felix his cut), but we won’t speak of that here. So, I’ve heard what Felix does (find his interview here), but what do you do Assaph?

Try to write as often as I can.

Don’t we all. Now, tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start writing. 

I started to write only recently. I had my nose in a book since I was a child, and whilst seeing my name in print was on my bucket-list, I never thought to actually go and do something about it.

I had the idea for a fantasy detective story and for the particular twist ending for a while. Then one hot night in January 2015 my wife complained that she had nothing good left to read, so I just sat down and started writing. And I didn’t stop until I finished the novel.

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David Finn


Author Name: David Finn
Series Name: The Asanti Series
What is your chosen genre, and why?
I call my books “epic sci-fi fantasy action!” The Asanti Series works well in that genre because I mix fast paced action sequences with some slower character beats and romantic or personal moments between characters. A lot of my influences such as Julian May’s excellent Saga of the Exiles or indeed many comic books use this blend of action and light sci-fi/fantasy to good effect. I find it gives me room to move as a writer and I can keep the story moving fast!

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Character Interview with Felix the Fox

Felix here is from Murder In Absentia and his interview makes me want to read his book faster. Yes, I said faster as I’ve only been allowed myself a few minutes of reading time while waiting for classes to start. Though I might have to dedicate a bit more time to this one so I can read more than a page at a time as this book deserves so much more.

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