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Emma from Lineage: A Beginning by C H Clepitt

Today we have Emma from Lineage: A Beginning by C H Clepitt. Emma, how old are you?


Do you have any family? If so, what’s your family like?

I’ve recently discovered I do ‘ave a family. Only just met me nan, she’s a bit terrifying, actually. For years it was just me an’ Kev, so it’s taking some getting used to, as it goes.

How’s your relationship with your parents? Do you love them? Hate them? How have they influenced you?

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Interview with Elektra Tate from The Bride Chronicles, Book One by P.I. Barrington

Elektra Tate here is from The Bride Chronicles, Book One by P.I. Barrington. Elektra, how old are you?


Do you have any family? If so, what’s your family like?  

“My family…got lost from me. But they’ll come back soon; when they see that I’m gone from them. They’re prob’ly looking for me right now.”

How’s your relationship with your parents? Do you love them? Hate them? How have they influenced you? 

“I don’t remember too much. I was very little when I got lost. Garbage City is not a very nice place to live and they make you work if you’re a little kid. So I know it was an accident that they got lost from me.  But when they come back, I’ll make sure I tell them that I love them and missed them. And that I’m glad that I waited for them.”

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Interview with the berserk warrior Tarn

Today we have the berserk warrior Tarn from Heroes Never Fade by Rick Haynes. So, Tarn, tell me, how old are you?

About thirty, but I feel older, as would you, if you had seen the carnage of war that I have. Tarn’s eyes cloud over.

Do you have any family?

Yes, my wife Tasmina and my beautiful daughter, Lori. My father is alive, but he isn’t around too often, unless there’s a battle to win and he gets paid to join in.

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A Laugh with Badger

badger-44204_640Today we have Badger here with us from I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse by C H Clepitt. I don’t often interview characters like Badger, but it’s always fun when I do! So, Badger, how old are you?

No idea! Badgers don’t celebrate birthdays.

Do you have any family? If so, what’s your family like? 

I am a spirit guide, so I guess my charge is my family.  If I’m honest she’s a bit of a challenge. Not very clever, deals with stress by kissing random people and drinking too much. I’ve got my work cut out.

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Character Interview with Ikuko Takenokawa from At Yomi’s Gate

With us today is Ikuko Takenokawa from At Yomi’s Gate. Thank you for joining us, Ikuko Takenokawa. Tell us, do you have any family? If so, what’s your family like?

My late mother and father taught me everything I know about communicating with spirits and yokai. It was a lot to take in, certainly. But they were both very patient. Well, my father was. But then, he’d been raised to be a priest. He was a quiet, peaceful man. But I could always tell there was something hiding behind that smile he put on. Something awful happened to him, but I think it made him kinder as a result, you know? More compassionate to make up for… whatever he saw.

Mother could get frustrated sometimes, but being a spirit medium was never her chosen path in life. She’d prided herself on being an expert swordswoman before the accident broke her back. But I think she learned to accept her new path in the end.

What about your siblings? Do you get along?

*chews her lip* I have several sisters… though I haven’t seen them in years. Well, I mean- I see them every time I try to channel the underworld. Can’t really even keep them away. But it’s been a while since I’ve spent much time with them. I suppose they just miss me. But it’s hard to do my job when they try to drag me into Yomi every single time we meet.

My sister Aoi isn’t so bad, though. I’ve been seeing a lot more of her lately. Maybe I’ll help her come through the portal for a visit. Especially since she’s quite fond of my friend, Fumito-san.


He tends to have that effect on women. Even yokai women.

What’s your greatest fear?

I fear the pollution of my soul. I’ve seen what spiritual pollution does.

*looks around anxiously*

Please don’t tell Takashi-san I said that. I know it hurts him to hear me say that. It’s not his fault his family is forced to work with leather and dead bodies. I don’t think he realizes how much all that death infects their souls. They’ve been so good to me and my friends, though…

What do you hate most about yourself?

*tugs a lock of hair over her eye*

I worry that I’m too naive sometimes. I try, you know? Try to be smart about the world. But I spent so much of my life at my parent’s shrine. I didn’t see the outside world until I helped Miss Sakura escape from Lord Kotoheisei.

I also hate being so tall. I’m at least two heads taller than everyone I know. I feel like a monster sometimes.

What is your greatest strength?

*puffs up a little* well, I would say it’s my ability to communicate with the dead and with yokai. People are so afraid of ghosts. But you just need to talk to them, you know? They’re usually just lost and angry. They just need help.

Yokai aren’t so bad, either. I mean, some of them can be dangerous. But if you know how to reason with them, you can usually get them to leave you alone.

Do you have a weakness?

*blushes* Miss Sakura, I suppose. She takes some getting used to, but she’s got a good heart.

Is there something from the past that haunts you, keeps you awake at night?

*looks at the ground a moment* That night when Miss Sakura burned Lord Kotoheisei’s castle. She was so angry. So full of hate and revenge. He’d done so many awful things to her…

I know she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Besides him. But…So many people died that night.

*looks into the distance for a moment*

I’m sorry. What were we talking about?

It doesn’t matter. What’s your favorite animal and why?

Baku are a delight. They look like- I guess you call them tapir? Yes, like tapir, except they can fly and they’re covered in scales. And they eat dreams.

I also like giant salamanders. We call them Oshanshouo. I used to daydream about riding one when I was a girl.

Thank you for coming Ikuko Takenokawa, that’s all we have time for. Don’t forget to check out Ikuko Takenokawa’s author at http://nocturnalseapress.com/

Character Interview with Alice Pleasance Liddell from The Jabberwocky Book

With us today we have Alice Pleasance Liddel from The Jabberwocky BookHow old are you, Alice?

45…well, 60. Actually, I only look 30. Or 7. It’s complicated.

Do you have any family? If so, what’s your family like?

I have an older sister, Lorina Charlotte Liddell. My younger sister, Edith Mary, died many years ago. Lorina is a bit bossy, but kind-hearted. She knows of my adventures in Wonderland and Looking-Glass Land when I was a girl, but she’s sort of blocked her mind from them, since she certainly doesn’t approve. My parents are both dead, and I am divorced from my husband, Reginald Hargreaves. He never understood me much, either. I guess my only real family now is Dorothy Gale, but she spends much of her time in Oz, and is very hard to contact.

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Character Interview at the Bar?

This interview for Earth 105 is a bit different and I hope enjoy it as much as I did! 


My name is Rex Wellington of Cetabri City Daily News. I am at the West Side Tavern and today I am interviewing three men who call themselves Immunes. Darek Kemp, Zander Chale and Jash Majeed. They allege they cannot die.  Good day gentlemen.

Darek: Dude, you know I’m going to erase your memories right?

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Character Interview with Nova Avery from The One Left Behind: Magic

Today we have Nova Avery from The One Left Behind: Magic with us. How old are you Nova?

Um… I’m 17… (at least in book 1)

Do you have any family? If so, what’s your family like?

Well, everyone has family, I suppose. But I can’t say that I really recall what most of my family is like. From what I do consider about them, the upbringing was strict and shaped me into the person that I am today. So I should thank them if I ever have the chance to see them again.

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Character Angelica Cross from The Paranormal Detectives Series

Today we have character Angelica Cross from The Paranormal Detectives Series here. Angelica, how old are you?

I turned 202 on October 14th, 2016.

Just a few years under your belt then. Do you have any family? What are they like?

My father murdered my mother in a vampiric rage after she turned him back in 1832. I hunted my father for a hundred and seventy years, which is what led to my current situation in life. I’m an only child, but have a cousin in London.

How would you describe your relationship with your parents?

See above! But my mother was a lovely woman, a noble in London in her day who taught me that vampires don’t have to be killers. Everything I am I owe to her. Daddy dearest can burn in Hell.

How would you describe your childhood?

Normal, for a half vampire. I was tutored by a governess, had friends, enjoyed art and playing outdoors at night.

What‘s your greatest fear?

Failure, which could result in humans becoming an endangered species.

Then I wish you luck! As I’m not a fan of being apart of an endangered species. So, what do you hate most about yourself?

My self-deprecating nature.

What is your greatest strength?

I have a few. I am skilled in multiple kinds of combat, I am a trained strategist, I am equally trained in weaponry, and have six college degrees, all of which help me in my daily life.

Do you have a weakness?

Sunlight, garlic, holy water, and Danny Mancini.

Danny Mancini… okay. So, have you traveled? If so, what’s your favorite place?

I have been all over the world, but the place I love most is my home of Chicago, where I ended up in 1881, where I founded my company (The Paranormal Investigative Division, now a part of the FBI). The people, the architecture, the food, and the sports are all top notch.

Chicago isn’t my cup of tea but to each their own. Is there something the haunts you, keeps you awake at night?

Letting my father escape, and also assuming that the Dark witch Fiona Guilfoyle would heed my warning and stay away from my city. Both bite me in the ass.

What’s your biggest secret?

I keep a lot to my chest, and my biggest secret I cannot reveal here, lest I break my own laws and that will result in my execution by the man I love.

Okay… let’s end on a lighter note, what’s your favorite animal?

Bats, for a very obvious reason.

Bats are pretty awesome, I’ve had the pleasure of bottle feeding one when I was younger and I’m still quiet fond of them. Well, thank you for coming. Check out Angelica Cross’s author at  http://lilyluchesibooks.wix.com/lilyluchesi

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Character Interview with Jedda from Before the Luck Runs Out

We have Jedda here with us today from Before the Luck Runs Out, a new release as of yesterday! So, tell me Jedda, how old are you?

I’m not sure. Maybe fifteen.

Do you have a family?

I’m an orphan, so I don’t really know what family means.

Oh, I see. Well, do you have any parent like figures?

The grocer by the market square, kind of looks after me a bit. I’d like to find out who I am, but no one in this city looks like me.

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