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Review of Undressed by Karina Kantas

Undressed by Karina Kantas is a collection of riveting short stories, flash fiction, haunting poems, and excerpts from intriguing stories. 

I’m giving Undressed four stars. While I loved the stories and will likely turn to this short work should I ever find myself with a bit of writer’s block, there were several typos. If it were only a handful of errors I wouldn’t think much of it as none of us are perfect, but this work collection of works could use a bit of love from an editor.

There was one story about half way through called Childhood Memories that stuck with me.

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Review of Publish Promote Repeat

Publish Promote Repeat: Preparing to Launch your Book Workbook by Lucinda Moebius is a useful read for the complete beginner. I’m give this self-help book 4 stars. I wish I could give it more, but it has some misinformation and points that are briefly mentioned but never returned to. Now don’t let that detract from this book as it is useful in many respects, but there are some fallacies in it.

It starts with some basic insight into writing and publishing as a whole and then continues on into the main point of the book. The usefulness of a quick pitch, or a hook for a reader, will be explained and then you will be given advice on how to create one of your own. This itself is invaluable as it leads into so many other facets of promotion.

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​Review of Ten Lives (The Respawn Saga Book 1)

I’m giving this one a solid 4 stars.

The first thing I notice about this book is how it starts. The descriptions are excellent but the story is interrupted by additional descriptive words and repetition. If you can get past chapter one the writing gets better and the story pulls you in. You just have to get past that first little chapter to get there.

The rest of the story is extremely good. For being on the shorter side this book is very descriptive with characters you can truly relate to. The characters face internal and external troubles that resonate with you while also including those action packed fighting scenes that most people crave. There are a few typos here and there, but not many.

Overall, if you are willing to trudge through the first chapter and forgive a few typos then this is an excellent read.

I can’t wait to see where Christian Terry takes Mike and Lou next!

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Shiva XIV

Shiva XIVShiva XIV (Book One of The Shiva XIV Series) by Lyra Shanti

4 out of 5 Stars!

While Siva XIV was interesting from the beginning, it didn’t demand my attention until I was about 30% of the way through it. But right around that 30% mark it hooked me and wouldn’t let me go.

Without giving too much away, Lyra Shanti weaved an interesting and compelling story that’s bursting with emotion and set in a distant and complex universe of its own. Her world and character building is incredible, she gives just enough information about the cultures to feel as though they are real without subsequently bogging you down with all the boring information and each character is unique in its own right.

As for the reasons behind me giving this one four instead of five out of five stars. There’s just a bit too much head hopping going on inside each scene, I know it can be hard as I too am guilty at times, but picking one point of view for each scene would have made this a stronger book. Overall, the biggest drawback for me was that it was a bit slow to get started. I think the back-story could have been conveyed a bit quicker so as to push us forward to the point where our attention is truly captured. One minor thing that caught my attention was that there were a few punctuation errors towards the middle of the novel (no, I’m not counting off on that as it’s just something that happens).

With all that said, this book truly is a good read and once I get my stack hacked back a bit I hope to pick up The Veil of Truth, the next book in the series.

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