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Hope in Starlight

College started this week along side work in the gallery once again, so until things settle down my postings will be rather short. For today here is a poem I wrote in early spring titled Hope in Starlight. 

In a world cast in shadows,
The soul yearns for light.
Light comes not from grand deeds,
But from the little things,
The everyday kindness one shows.
Sometimes, when there is no light,
We must be the light.
Shine a little brighter in your deeds,
Be the light for those around you.
Like the beacon in the light house,
You call others to the flame.
Each one sparks like a lightning bug
And adds another glimmer of starlight to the sky.


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Condemned by Zora Marie

Condemned by Zora Marie, this is a piece I wrote for a class this spring. I don’t often write poetry as I often reveal perhaps a bit too much of myself. In light of the coming of a new semester and so many changes in my life, I have decided to share this piece with all of you.

One so young, yet so old of spirit.
Come now through the doors to the past.
See the age-old balance of pain to joy,
Notice how time has shifted and twisted it.
See society as it is, how blind it is.
Notice how the young wilt before they have yet to bloom.

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