First off, I apologize for skipping some posts a couple of weeks ago, final portfolios and finals just happened to sneak up on me when I wasn’t looking. A lot has happened the last several months and I figure it is about time I give an update on all the happenings. You know, little things like what’s going on with my writing, why I haven’t published it yet, and what is running around in the realm of art.

After a really long semester and tough reminders of why I write, I’ve decided to do a few more passes of edits on my Zelia the Phoenix of Hope series. My lovely critique group has nudged me along and opened my eyes to several places I can improve the series as a whole, so that’ll be my big project for the summer when I’m not at work. If time allows I hope to go through the entire series before setting to work with an editor again that way we can poke holes in the overall work this time.

I’ve also started learning photoshop as that’s where my adventure in the realm of art is taking me next. As I make a few worthy pieces I’ll be posting them on RedBubble to see if I can’t make a few dollars here and there to go towards next semester’s expenses, it’s not ideal but I figure it is worth a shot. I’m also going to be offering some simple services as I get my feet wet (e.g. simple logos). Have I mentioned that being an art student is expensive? If not, just wait and see what I make for Sculpture I and you’ll likely understand!

Hm, that sounded salesy. Sorry about that, but in other news I’ve written some poetry and submitted it to a few different places so I’m rather excited to hear back from them. I also have a work in progress for an anthology, but who knows if I’ll actually get it done in time. Hm, guess I know what I’ll be doing on my time between jobs. 😉

Oh yeah, and I’ll be hanging out at the Southern Geek Fest here in Hattiesburg, MS this weekend. I don’t have a booth, but it is fun to go and chat with others. If you are looking for me, just look for that strange person wearing a rabbit shirt (I find it makes it easy for people to find me. Besides, who doesn’t love Ugly Rabbit Apparel?). 😉

So, do you have any exciting news? If so, share in the comments below! (Yes, I’m offering a free for all, tell us about you upcoming sales, events, and anything else you can think of!)

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